• Single Customer View

Single Customer View: customers at the centre
of your business

A magnifying glass on customers: purchase history, CLV, visited pages, interests, personal data,
and complete Customer Journey.

What is your company’s data strategy to achieve a more efficient multi-channel management?

Single Customer View is the holistic representation of all activities deriving from customer/brand interactions.

Today’s limits come from the multi-channel communications and the consequent creation of not integrated data silos.

The possibility of obtaining an SCV thus allows you to overcome this limitation, coming to a complete and contextual view of your customers.

White Rabbit CDP allows users to overcome a Channel-centric approach and gives them the possibility to develop a Data Strategy that focuses on customers.

Present (and future) Digital Marketing activities for websites and E-commerce sites

As pointed out in a recent research by Harvard Business Review, entitled What’s Your Data Strategy? We are invited to reflect on the existence (or not) of a company’s data management strategy. This means, the possibility of unifying data from multiple sources guaranteed by White Rabbit CDP. This allows users to process Advanced data strategy, besides the additional advantages in terms of flexibility and scalability based on market objectives.

Starting from the unification of the data sources, with the help of Customer Data Platform, it is possible to obtain advantages also in terms of Single Customer View: Total customisations of the individual customer experience (or of a particular cluster), which may display a different site content (or E-commerce site content) depending on the (best potential) marketing performance.

White Rabbit has devised a tag system, which uses a code snippets through which users can customise the display of certain contents only for a particular customer’s cluster.

This solution can improve sales performance of users’ websites and may allow them to send promotions only to contacts who are more likely to purchase.

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