• GDPR Compliance

The most complete solution for European legislations

Our platform includes a system for the management of Consent which is integrated and easy to use: security and cost savings just a click away

For an agile management of the GDPR

White Rabbit does not collect Third-Party Cookies and also uses its own open source modules. This way our customers are not forced to request an express acceptance by the users, as per the latest European regulations, regarding the management and processing, because owners of the same data.

Many companies, run a big risk (given the penalties in force, which go from 2% to 4% of turnover) if they do not correctly indicate third-party software cookies, especially in the case of third parties’ transfer (contra legem if there is no express acceptance).

The advantages of the
Consent system developed

  • Less management costs

  • Ease of use and data collection

  • Observance of European standards

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