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A list of all the modules

Thanks to White Rabbit and CDP technology, users can expand dozens of other operational components: i.e. those activities that can be performed through the platform.

In fact, White Rabbit can provide – even for the Enterprise version – functions capable of simplifying a company’s activities carried out in its IT, Marketing and Sales departments.

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Thanks to the synergy with AWS, or also in case of preference of other Hosting solutions (Google, Alibaba, etc.), it is possible to:

  • Create Spaces and Virtual Machines;
  • Set up Websites;
  • Buy Domains;
  • Install an Internal Mail Server;
  • customizable eCommerce with its own code;
  • high-security non-standard code;
  • Multi-domain software applied by multinationals for different subsidiaries;
  • modules and B2B orders;
  • Product Store Management;
  • Template Management;
  • International Product Archive Management;
  • Order Management;
  • Warehouse Management;
  • Translation Management;
  • Discount Coupon Management;
  • Logistics and Shipping Management;
  • Payments and Receipts;
  • Order States Management;
  • Promotion management;
  • Competitions management,
  • Management Reviews;
  • Online chat;
  • Process Communications;
  • Connector for CDP White Rabbit Enterprise.
  • Facebook;
  • Instagram
  • Linkedin;
  • Twitter;
  • Other connectable via Zapier (Corporate LinkedIn, etc.)
  • publishing content on Social Media;
  • Editorial Calendar Management and Social Goals;
  • Follower activity storage;
  • mailing;
  • share recording on CDP;
  • Mail verification;
  • Mail statistics;
  • Reactive automations (triggering) on events;
  • Automations on Cluster;
  • FlowAutomations;
  • Automation Graphics and BPM;
  • Landing Page Creation Interface and Data Acquisition;
  • Publishing to third-party sites and pages;
  • Landing Page Parameters (customizable based on commands);
  • Contest pages (limited number of actions);
  • Creating Data Forms and Capturing;
  • Landing Page Statistics;
  • Interface drawing and submitting survey forms;
  • Mail and SMS Survey Submission Forms;
  • recording response data in CDP;
  • Poll statistics;
  • Form to send create SMS;
  • international SMS,
  • CRM B2B and B2C;
  • data capture and visualization;
  • Planner and sales activity calendar;
  • Customer Journey view by customer;
  • Customer Engagement score per customer,
  • Customer Filtering and Segmentation;
  • Group Gantt;
  • Advertising Campaign management and Communication Variables (budget, Target, conversions, etc.)
  • Individual Calendar Management;
  • Kanban Activities;
  • Task and Ticket list;
  • Group file list;
  • naming and segmentation;
  • sharing;
  • Transfer function;
  • API synchronization;
  • ticket acquisition from different sources;
  • individual or group attribution;
  • management and categorization;
  • Ticketing Stats

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