• Integrated Analytics

The results of marketing activities ready
for integrated analyses

A single panel with all data coming from
corporate touch points, communication channels
and much more: the advantages of omnichannel

Data integrated by Websites and Social channels

White Rabbit CDP solution presents one of the most innovative technological assets: Integrated Analytics.

In fact, thanks to data unification, the section dedicated to Analytics contains a single panel with all the information useful for a company to analyse its marketing activities and design business strategies which are increasingly effective.

Users will be able to collect all data related to website and social media activities: placed orders, viewed pages, the websites of origin, the used devices and all published reactions and comments.

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Marketing Tools & Contact Responsiveness

The panel dedicated to Integrated Analytics also allows the analysis of data coming from specific Marketing channels: Newsletters, Landing Pages, Surveys and so on. In this way we can measure and understand the effectiveness of the communications sent and, consequently, devise more and more targeted contents to generate engagement.

Analytics also offer the opportunity to monitor the activities carried out by the various teams during ticket processing, making the ability of a company’s Customer Satisfaction, measurable.

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Big Data and Segmentation

One of the most important features of Integrated Analytics is represented by Big Data.

The segmentation of all users that revolve around a company business is instead divided into four macro clusters: Customer, Prospect, follower and Unknown visitor

In this panel, we have the possibility to view numerical data related to all their actions. This allows us to understand the progress and the palatability of the company, as well as to define one strategic scenario aimed at anticipating possible market opportunities.

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