• AWS Solutions

Extensive scalability
in data storage
and management

All the details of structural partnership
between White Rabbit CDP and AWS (Amazon Web Service): a front door to a world of solutions

Partners for Innovation

Thanks to the Structural Partnership with AWS (Amazon Web Services), White Rabbit CDP solution has the whole market’s widest storage and management scalability.

Amazon AWS is present with its own data centres in all continents (from 2019 also in Italy).

We provide
hundreds of fully integrated API keys

Here are some examples:

  • Video conferencing

  • Virtual call centres

  • Lex for Linguistic interpretation

  • Chat-Bot

  • Machine Learning

  • Acquisition and Management of IOT data (Internet of Things)

  • Satellite data acquisition

  • Document Workflow

  • Remote Document Management

  • Robotic Applications

  • Multimedia Services

  • Data Security and Compliance.

Through White Rabbit, and thanks to AWS access interface and powerful data storage, every customer can enjoy unlimited functions, storage and calculation capabilities.

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