• GDPR Compliance

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the correct message
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A Platform designed to maximise
compliance with the GDPR for customers as well as for their
many prospects and commercial contacts

This is all developed and managed in Italy

White Rabbit CDP
is developed to guarantee privacy and compliance to GDPR

White Rabbit CDP was founded in Europe(Italy) and has been developed following the most strict applications of privacy legislation. It was created following the requirements of the best consultants and DPOs on the market.

Privacy, tools and other integrated software

By means of a simple Management panel, White Rabbit allows you to manage each user’s privacy, customising all levels of consent.

White Rabbit Marketing Tools do not send messages (e-mails) to all contacts who did not express consent to the various levels of Privacy collected during the acquisition phase. Furthermore, the Landing Pages, store all data necessary for managing end customers’ privacy within the CRM.

In this way, the CRM is automatically populated of already structured data. Moreover, for each acceptance it is possible to go back to the date and a contact IP address. This allows users to verify a specific contact’s acceptance.

Six standard levels
for three levels of communication

The Privacy Management tool also allows new contacts to customise the communications they wish to receive, choosing from various parameters and modifying their authorisations.

In addition to 6 levels of Privacy, users can add up to 3 communication preferences in order to personalise their experience with the Company.

An extraordinary tool to respect the rules and allow dialogue and autonomy, always putting the customer at the centre of data.

White Rabbit is a no-spam system!

The platform stops sending mails when the bounce rate (“incorrect” e-mail rate) exceeds 5%. This generally indicates that a database has probably not been updated.

All mail sending servers are managed by a service of primary international level and therefore they use the best technologies to deliver protection and security..

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