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Push yourself beyond the limits of the most common
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How much power
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A common CRM platform (Customer Relationship Management) is constituted by billions of records – real Big Data – and exceeds dozens of gigabytes of data. Therefore, it reaches really critical levels in terms of power, query speed and data extraction.

To obtain tangible and integrated results (in addition to storage capacity), big brands need an important resource, which is that of synthesis and information clustering.

However, not even what can be defined as the best among relational databases could succeed at unifying data and, at the same time, in selecting the latter. However, CDP can do all this.

An innovative partnership

Thanks to a multi-annual partnership with Amazon AWS, White Rabbit CDP has the largest computing powers and the most structured computer technology. Furthermore, it offers storage methods and fault tolerant articulated at the highest technological levels.

The following are some of White Rabbit’s
key technology factors:

This Dynamic Filter consists in the possibility of creating infinite extraction combinations, that can be customised and updated in real time.

We have developed a system of Advanced Queries through a form. Even a non-expert user can create his/her own Clusters as well as Communication and analysis groups;

The TAG Real Time allows you to populate more Variable and Structured information for a correct classification of the customer. This can be updated in real time and/or synchronised with the acquired events.

The latest release is the Linguistic System which goes beyond the Query concept and allows users to create custom subassemblies.

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