• ERP Connection

The possibilities
of connecting
with a company ERPs

Sales, purchases, warehouse management,
accounting: data structuring is processed through White Rabbit Customer Data Platform

A series of two-way connections:
to/from corporate and management ERPs

It is known that a big number of data owned by a Company is managed through ERP and other management software. Starting from customers’ needs, White Rabbit has developed some specific connecting options using the most widespread platforms, in order to simplify their configuration, integration and data transfer.

Here are the two macro-categories and the corresponding peculiarities of two-way input / output operations:

  • data base leads and customers;
  • negotiations list;
  • orders and invoices;
  • privacy levels;
  • events and appointments;
  • workflows and images;
  • product list;
  • discount prices and coupons;
  • calls;
  • warehouse status;
  • availability and delivery;
  • custom fields.
  • and more…
  • Lead list;
  • Prospect and Customers;
  • Customer Activities;
  • Communication events;
  • Cluster Customer Groups;
  • Data capture from web systems;
  • Capturing data from surveys
  • Poll list;
  • Tagging customers and Prospect;
  • Customer Journey customer;
  • Happy index Customer;
  • and more…

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