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Integration of tools,
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to promote growth

How to overcome the hardest obstacle
of Corporate Digital Transformation:
finding a solution for data fragmentation

A poor overview

Too many tools and techniques, one massive fragmentation. In other words, a poor overview generally leads to great obstacles for the development of a company that wants to be digital.

Scott Brinker, author of Marteck – an important American website blending Marketing and Technologies – has already amply demonstrated the complexity of digital ecosystem fragmentation.

Over 2,000 competitors and brands (more or less known) emerge from his analyses that represent the possible components of any digital ecosystem.

CDP: the integrated solution

Connect your Company’s Digital Ecosystem

  • consolidation of information

  • real-time data consultation

  • new impact on marketing and sales activities

There are hundreds of players and technologies (and data) that do not “communicate” with each other.

Thanks to our solution, instead, each company can decide to integrate (through a single access) data, tools and functions covering up to 70% of applications used all over the world.

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