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Your E-commerce site integrated with
White Rabbit CDP

Discover the advantages of a Platform developed
for the integrated management of E-commerce sites:
customers, data and other transactions in a single access

E-commerce integrated with CDP:

All the features
of the proprietary
E-commerce solution

White Rabbit has developed a management, professional and proprietary solution, dedicated to the world of E-commerce. This is equipped with a high security non-standard Code, multi-domain software, used by multinational companies that want to manage portals for different branches.

Thanks to this solution it is possible to manage E-commerce sites at advanced levels, which are fitted with the following models:

  • modules and B2B orders

  • Product archive and templates

  • International Product Archive Management

  • Order Management

  • Warehouse Management

  • Translation Management

  • Discount Coupon

  • Logistics and Shipping

  • Payments and receipts

  • Order Status Management

  • Promotions and Competitions

  • Reviews

  • Online chat and Help Desk

  • Process Communications

  • Connector dedicated to White Rabbit CDP.

Integrating and populating
data from E-commerce sites

White Rabbit can acquire

data automatically from the main E-commerce sites:

  • Customer list and data

  • Order status

  • Status mapping

  • Sales data

  • Discount Vouchers

  • Abandoned carts

  • other variables depending on the type of eCommerce

Proprietary connectors

White Rabbit CDP can be integrated with specially developed connectors (also customisable) for the following platforms:

Connections and third-party integrations

Moreover, thanks to the integration of over 1,600 platforms, Zapier can be connected to White Rabbit.

Zapier is a “meta connector” that connects and integrates different online applications by automating some of the most repetitive marketing actions (and others).

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