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The identification of segments from a customer database always represents a critical moment for a company’s business development.

It is common knowledge that sending the same promotion to all customers can be very detrimental, both in the short and long terms. In fact, this damages the Business value. Are you about to send the same voucher to all your contacts , including those who have just made a purchase? This is totally wrong!

The optimal subdivision
of budget for advertising activities

Therefore, classifying and segmenting customers, is a fundamental operation in order to use promotional budget on the most reactive and loyal contacts, who are the most profitable in the long term.

To accomplish this statistical segmentation (tactical and strategic), it is necessary to use Cluster Analysis techniques.

These methods are already applied to the data collected by White Rabbit CDP. The latter offers interesting statistical evidence that they are easy to use.

After only a few months of data collection, it is possible to take advantage of personalised Neural models, Tree, Fuzzyand K-means.

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