• CDP Database

Integrated database: connects your sources
and unifies data

CDP Technology allows a high level
integration among CRM, Social channels, Marketing activities, websites, E-commerce sites and much more.

White Rabbit CDP: an intuition that comes
from far away

Many years have passed since the first filing of our Integrated database patent. This would later be named Customer Data Platform.

White Rabbit | Enterprise CDP is a product developed as a great solution for data storage, search, clustering, analysis and synthesis of Big business data. This is aimed at digital communication, marketing and business activities.

Real CDP for large companies:
a solution designed and developed in Italy

The database of White Rabbit Customer Data Platform stores Companies’ customer data. Furthermore, it collects data from other sources, such as those of Followers and Prospects. This is the most complete version of data storage and constitutes a Company’s Relational capital. This is the true source of wealth that allows us to put the Customer at the centre of our business.

  • Real CDP

A platform certified
by the CDP Institute

The CDP Institute is the world’s most authoritative census and certification organisation that collects information and certifies the quality of Customer Data Platform, as well as the requirements of this type of platform.

White Rabbit | Enterprise CDP obtained in May 2019, the status of Real CDP certification.

“After all, it is customers, not competitors,


who determine who wins the war”

– Philip Kotler –

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